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The unanimous critical acknowledgement of the work of Fabio Morábito (Alexandria, Egypt, 1955), comes from his very first poetry book and was confirmed by the volume of short stories, La lenta furia (Slow Fury) 1989, translated into German in 1998 and praised by José de la Colina as «the greatest revelation of the genre» at the moment in Mexico.  Narrator, essayist, poet, and translator of a number of works, Fabio Morábito lived in Milan during the fist years of his life.  At the age of 14 he left for Mexico, where he has lived since 1969.  His first books of poetry stand out, Lotes baldíos (Empty Lots) Carlos Pellicer Prize, 1985, De lunes todo el año (Monday the Whole Year) Aguascalientes Prize, 1992.  He has also written two children’s books, of which Cuando las panteras no eran negras (When Panthers Were Not Black) 1996, received the international distinction «White Raven» from the Jüngen Bibliotheke in Munich.  In narrative he has written Caja de herramientas (Tool Box) 1989, which was translated in Germany, United Kingdom, and the Unites States.  In another field of his writing Los pastores sin ovejas (Shepherds Without Sheep) 1995, deals with the persistence of the bucolic archetype both in literature and in political deliriums such as Nazism. 

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Morábito, Fabio